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Cannabis Tourism in Canada - A Budding Industry

Canadian’s fight to get cannabis legalized just a short year ago has increased the need for weed throughout the country. Things are speeding up with the high demand Canadian’s have for cannabis and its products. With edibles becoming legal this year, the tourism industry is only just beginning! What does this mean for the country? Let’s find out …

A budding industry

We’ve seen how cannabis tourism has grown in the US since a selection of States have opted for legalization. With the stigma of cannabis use finally dying down, cannabis tourism has grown tremendously! Colorado alone has seen a 51% growth in cannabis tourism since 2014.

While Canada is new to the game, we’ve seen a few businesses venture out in a joint effort to bust cannabis tourism in Canada wide open! Take a look below.

Cannabis getaways

Slowly but surely, cannabis tours are coming out of the weeds. Some companies such as Toronto Toke Tours offer both locals and tourists a unique experience. They take you for a ride that allows you to test different buds, take a joint rolling/sushi making class, have a relaxing cannabis massage, cook with cannabis or enjoy a relaxing ganja yoga class!

Canadian Kush Tours also offer a range of unique cannabis experiences. Try anything from canna beer (cannabis infused beer) to virtual reality gaming.

Now that the tourism industry is growing in Canada, cannabis is merging into the booming wine industry! The well known Niagara wine region is one of many spots that have integrated cannabis and are providing weed and wine tours. We don’t mean to be blunt, but how could you pass up an opportunity like that?!

Rolling Greens

If you’ve ever hit the green and thought to yourself how nice it would be to enjoy some cannabis, Rolling Greens is the spot for you! This cannabis themed golf course is the first of its kind and offers more than your typical golf course. With mini putt, disk golf, a drive-in movie theatre and live music, there’s something for everyone.

It’s located in Smith’s Falls, the cannabis capital of Canada. It’s also home to Tweed, who’s parent company is Canopy Growth Corp – the largest cannabis company in the country!

One last thing

Interested in where the future of cannabis tourism in Canada is heading? Crucial Pictures is a content agency that knows the ins and outs of all things cannabis! Get in touch today.

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